SEASSI 2019 Application Form

Application Instructions

1. Complete the SEASSI Application Form below (General Information, Personal Language, History, and Checklist of Application Materials). Please fill in all the information requested and submit.

2. Send by mail or e-mail your statement of research and/or career plans (suggested length: 1-2 pages, approximately 1000 words).

3. Send one official transcript from each university you have attended. Electronic scans of official transcripts are acceptable. Inquiries about the accepatability of unofficial transcripts will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

4. Send the $25 application fee by check or money order in U.S. dollars made payable to: SEASSI. Please do not send Western Union or any other money transfers by telegram.

5. If you are applying for a FLAS Fellowship, SEASSI Scholarship, or Tuition Scholarship, two letters of recommendation are also required. (You may submit a third letter of recommendation if you choose, but it is not required.) Fill in below the names and offical email addresses of your recommenders. SEASSI will send your recommenders instructions about how to electronically send us their letters.

6. If you have any questions, contact:

Jinda Moore, SEASSI Program Coordinator
207 Ingraham Hall
1155 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706
Phone – (608) 263-1755

*** Dates to Remember ***

  • FLAS Fellowship application deadline: Monday, February 11, 2019
  • SEASSI Scholarship application deadline: Monday, February 11, 2019
  • Tuition Scholarship application deadline: Monday, April 1, 2019
  • General application deadline. After April 1, 2019 we will still accept applications for classes where there are openings available, but we will not open more sections.

Instruction Dates: Monday, June 17, 2019 to Friday, August 9, 2019


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General Information

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Applying to a degree program

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If Yes, please list the schools and degree programs you are applying to:
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Financial Aid

* Are you applying for one of the awards listed below? Yes      No

If yes, what awards are you applying for? Please check all that apply:

FLAS Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship. (See FLAS page for eligibility information and application instructions) Apply by February 11, 2019.
SEASSI Scholarship (See SEASSI Scholarship page for eligibility information and application instructions.) Apply by February 11, 2019.
Tuition Scholarship. Apply by April 1, 2019.

* Have you applied for other scholarships/awards to support your studies at SEASSI?   Yes       No

If you know you will be recieving a scholarship to attend SEASSI,
please specify name of award and the amount of funding:


Personal Language History

* Indicate the language you wish to study at SEASSI 2019:

* Indicate the level you anticipate studying at SEASSI 2019. (Note: Placement tests will be given to everyone on the first morning of classes.)

* Are you interested in attending SEASSI as a distance education student?    Yes      No
     Note: The offering of distance classes will depend on sufficient enrollments, and on whether the student is unable to attend SEASSI in person, but has access to adequate computer equipment and internet speed. If you mark “Yes” to the above question, SEASSI staff will contact you to evaluate the feasibility of your participation as a distance student.

If you have studied this language before, please provide the following information:

Institution where you studied it:

Textbook(s) used:

Length of study:

Have you attended SEASSI previously?    Yes       No

If Yes, please list the summer(s) you attended and the language(s) you studied:

Checklist of Application Materials

Application materials may be sent separately, or in one shipment. Send transcripts, application fee, and personal statement to:  SEASSI, 207 Ingraham Hall, 1155 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706. Please fill in the following list of materials that we should expect to receive from you.

  • Application fee of $25 – all checks or money orders should be made payable to SEASSI. (Please do not send Western Union or any other money transfers.)
  • Personal Statement of career/academic plans (approx. 1-2 pages)
  • Transcripts
All applicants to SEASSI must submit a transcript from your current university and every college/university you have attended (Note! SEASSI transcripts are not needed). We will accept official transcripts or scans of official transcripts.
Please list below the colleges and universities you have attended.
Note! Please do not use hard returns in this list. Instead, separate the names of schools with commas. (example: school 1, school 2, school 3...)

(limited to 255 characters)

  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Letters of recommendation are required only of applicants seeking fellowships or scholarships. Please list the names and official email addresses (i.e., of your recommenders below.

    Recommender #1 Name:        Official Email:

    Recommender #2 Name:        Official Email:



Contact Us!
Please direct any questions to the SEASSI Program Coordinator:

Jinda Moore
Center for Southeast Asian Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison
207 Ingraham Hall
1155 Observatory Dr.
Madison, WI 53706
phone: (608) 263-1755 email: